Maroon Micarta Slip Joint

This is the first of the isolation knives. I thought I would try a couple of new things. This is the first knife with a shield inlay-ed into the handle. I had to look up which side to put it in. This is also the lightest folder I have ever made. It weighs only 1.7 oz. And since I am going to use lighter steel for the next one it should be even lighter. There are no washers or relief of the liners. The bushing is 2/1000 of an inch thicker than the blade so that should ensure no binding but I can already see minute scratches on the ricasso so I guess I will need to relieve the insides. There are no liners on here either. I figured I would try it without since the micarta is stable enough it shouldn't be a problem. It is 3 1/4" closed and 5 3/4" open. The blade and back spine are 154CPM and the body is Maroon Canvas Micarta. It has a full half stop and is flush in all three positions. $450USD delivered

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