Leopard Skin Slip Joint

This is number 4 in a set of 6 of my new inlay-ed stone designs. Once all six are complete I will put up a survey to see which ones are the most popular. This is my first foray into lapidary and the choices available are mind boggling. This specific knife is a Leopard Skin Jasper inlay Slip Joint. The blade and spring are 154CPM and the body is 416 stainless steel. I use Dellana Dots for my grip on the blade. This way the knife can be used by either left or right handed people. The blade is flush in all three positions with what I would call a mid level open. Call it a 6 on my scale. Once all of the knives are done and the survey is on, the knives will be for sale on my website. $450 USD

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